Hexacopter build

Hexacopter Part 6 – FPV ready 2

Gotten a 720P HD CMOS with Pan Tilt Zoom function and fixed it up together with my Boscam 5.8Ghz video transmitter and mounted to my Hexacopter. Presenting the FPV ready Hexacopter…not exactly ready, still pending arrival of the On Screen Display (OSD) for the APM 2.6. With the On Screen display, i will have better […]



Hexacopter Part 3 – Fixing the prop adapters and final testing

Gotten hold of the prop adapters for NTM Prop drive 28 (900kv) motors. The built of the prop adapters are satisfactory, i bought 7 of these and 1 prop adapter appears to be machined out of tolerance which resulted in a little bit of recess on the surface but nonetheless it still can be fitted […]